Friday, 31 May 2013

Longtime no see!

Longtime no see!

Ho hum I've not written an entry for since Dec 2011, has it really been that long! A lot has changed since then, Isabelle is in a new school and Jacob is about to start school this September, a baby no more! On a sad not my father-in-law passed away last November and is much missed, taken far to soon.

I loved to discuss things crafty with him, as he was good with his hands too and he was also an only child like me, so we had an understanding for some of our quirks. His passing has left a big whole but we have some wonderful memories as he certainly lived life to the full, and little positive things come to mind every now and again with various experiences we have.

I changed jobs last year, still working for the same company but now have a boss in Germany. I wish I spoke German, I've made attempts in the the past but only little bits stick! I found a colleague who loves her LYS in Hamburg...lots of tempation and different wools to those you normally get in the UK.

On the crafty side, I seem to be doing more woolly stuff now, especially crochet - main influences come from Attic 24 - using Stylecraft. Current project is a rainbow blanket using the colourways from KnitKnatKnot UK 's blog its coming along well though an evening's crochet is just a couple of rows.

I have also been getting to grips with Pinterest & Instagram.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gingerbread House

Post #3...hopefully I'm going to blog more regularly but hey ho!

Isabelle was asking for a gingerbread house this year, but I didn't see the kits in the shops this year. I decided to make my own. After searching on Pinterest I saw the Martha Stewart one, thought that's the one...went shopping for all the ingredients. However on reading up on it I realised that it wasn't edible, no good for madame who wants to eat it on her birthday. Plus I don't have a foodmixer and it needs something a bit stronger than my arm! More searching took place and I decided on the recipe from  Amanda Grant's Gingerbread house recipe
as it was edible and didn't involve a foodmixer. I had to get boiled sweets for the windows, problem was I left this to the last minute late at night and could only get sherbet filled sweets - bit of a reaction occurred on cooking.

I learnt that I should have rolled it thinner, but you learn by experience. The only thing I took from Martha was making a sugar syrup as a fixing agent rather than icing - it just takes way too long to set, this I have experienced with the kits. The only thing with the sugar syrup is no kids about - hence making this at 10pm. Sugar syrup works a treat.

My icing leads something to be desired, but with a bit of practice it should improve. The back of the house would be good for Hallowe' time will get the correct sweets.

The room downstairs smells lovely from the spices in the house especially when I first come down in the morning.

If I don't write again before Christmas & New Year  - have a good one!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Post #2!!

Hmm yes I know, bit of a slow coach this end for posting, I was never any good at keeping a diary either!

Ok so what have I been up to since I last blogged, well we've been on holiday to various bits of  Europe: France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany & back to France. We survived being in a car with our 2 - 6 & 2 years, all I can say is thankyou to whoever invented the DVD player for the car. I managed to piece loads of hexies too. I took my crochet too, but that never made it out of the bag.

Lake Lucerne

Lake Garda view from hotel

Yes we visited lots of lakes, we also did Lake Maggiore. The food was lovely in Italy, but I didn't really like the food in Germany, not to my taste really.

Isabelle is now back at school in year 2, doing fine. Decisions need to be made as to where next for the her future school. Jacob is just Jacob progressing well and talking more & more.

Crafting wise, more crochet - finished the clapochet scarf, and working on flowers in the snow blanket, christmas sock decorations (all to be found on Ravelry). And finally finishing the last of the 3 felt Christmas decorations from Alicia Paulson - and ordering another 6, just waiting on their arrival.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Finally posting

Hexies so far!
BOM #8

Ta dah! I've only had this blog set up for over 2 years and now I decide to post.

What can I say, well I enjoy crafting....quilting, embroidery, crochet and a small bit of knitting (I'm not very good at it...nor have the patience!)

My latest foray is into English paper piecing, namely 3/4" hexies. Evenings have been spent chopping up various pieces of material into 2" squares and getting together a small travelling set to take with me on holiday.

Other stuff I've been upto is working slowly (very slowly) on a BOM Down in the Garden by Leanne Beasley...I'm being a rebel and not doing them in the correct order.

Ok thats all for now...just need to figure out how to place my pictures in the order I want!