Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gingerbread House

Post #3...hopefully I'm going to blog more regularly but hey ho!

Isabelle was asking for a gingerbread house this year, but I didn't see the kits in the shops this year. I decided to make my own. After searching on Pinterest I saw the Martha Stewart one, thought that's the one...went shopping for all the ingredients. However on reading up on it I realised that it wasn't edible, no good for madame who wants to eat it on her birthday. Plus I don't have a foodmixer and it needs something a bit stronger than my arm! More searching took place and I decided on the recipe from  Amanda Grant's Gingerbread house recipe
as it was edible and didn't involve a foodmixer. I had to get boiled sweets for the windows, problem was I left this to the last minute late at night and could only get sherbet filled sweets - bit of a reaction occurred on cooking.

I learnt that I should have rolled it thinner, but you learn by experience. The only thing I took from Martha was making a sugar syrup as a fixing agent rather than icing - it just takes way too long to set, this I have experienced with the kits. The only thing with the sugar syrup is no kids about - hence making this at 10pm. Sugar syrup works a treat.

My icing leads something to be desired, but with a bit of practice it should improve. The back of the house would be good for Hallowe' time will get the correct sweets.

The room downstairs smells lovely from the spices in the house especially when I first come down in the morning.

If I don't write again before Christmas & New Year  - have a good one!