Saturday, 8 October 2011

Post #2!!

Hmm yes I know, bit of a slow coach this end for posting, I was never any good at keeping a diary either!

Ok so what have I been up to since I last blogged, well we've been on holiday to various bits of  Europe: France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany & back to France. We survived being in a car with our 2 - 6 & 2 years, all I can say is thankyou to whoever invented the DVD player for the car. I managed to piece loads of hexies too. I took my crochet too, but that never made it out of the bag.

Lake Lucerne

Lake Garda view from hotel

Yes we visited lots of lakes, we also did Lake Maggiore. The food was lovely in Italy, but I didn't really like the food in Germany, not to my taste really.

Isabelle is now back at school in year 2, doing fine. Decisions need to be made as to where next for the her future school. Jacob is just Jacob progressing well and talking more & more.

Crafting wise, more crochet - finished the clapochet scarf, and working on flowers in the snow blanket, christmas sock decorations (all to be found on Ravelry). And finally finishing the last of the 3 felt Christmas decorations from Alicia Paulson - and ordering another 6, just waiting on their arrival.